Getting Heat for Wearing Fur


Have you been to the Twin Cities in the Winter time. If you haven't, let me tell you this it's cold....Damn COLD!

So when WCCO told Anchor Amelia Santaniello she would be anchoring the news from “Goin’ to the Lake” series that recently showcased how Minnesotans don’t let frigid weather get in the way of enjoying winter.

She put on a hat that she thought would help keep her warm.

And that's what caused the trouble.

The hat was trimmed with animal fur and that upset Timothy Shields, who identified himself as the administrator and general counsel for the Minnesota Federated Humane Societies.

Shields posted his objections to the hat on WCCO-TV’s Facebook page, and, when he didn’t get a response, he contacted the Star Tribune, claiming Santaniello was sporting “a $1295.00 Burberry merino wool hat, accented by an odd leather belt portion, and trimmed prominently in red and silver fox fur. The same hat is now on sale on eBay for a steal at $995.00+$13.95 shipping!”

Santaniello says “I did get a few complaints, and I’m sorry to all who were offended,” Santaniello told me. “I knew it would be cold, and I wanted a hat with flaps to cover my ears.”

Oh and buy the way, she says she bought the hat on sale.