Sneak Peek at What Paterno's Wife Told Couric

Katie Couric has been on a roll landing some big interviews. 


This week she sat down with the wife of former Penn State Football Coach Joe Paterno. The interview airs on Monday's "Katie".

Paterno’s widow recalls her first reaction to allegations that Jerry Sandusky molested boys.

“Horror. Disbelief,” Sue Paterno says on “Katie.” “It is still hard to accept, but when I read the first present of charge, I actually got physically ill and couldn’t read anymore, for a couple of days. … These are children. Our lives have been about children. We have five children, we have 17 grandchildren. We worked around all the players. Our lives are about children, and making them better, not hurting them. So, it’s, vile is probably the best word I can think of.”

The Sandusky scandal rocked Penn State, where football coach Joe Paternowas an institution. Sandusky, a former assistant to Paterno, was sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison for the sexual abuse of 10 boys.

Three Paterno children — Diana, Mary Kay and Jay — join their mother for the Couric interview. The “Katie” show said that Sue Paterno “opens up to Couric about her late husband, their relationship with the Sanduskys, and the phone call that changed their lives.”

H/T Orlando Sentinel