Grand Rapids Anchor Balances Work and Kids


She sits at a desk on the side of the newsroom, heals kicked off and looking at Facebook. You would not be able to tell that in just a few short minutes she would be anchoring one of the top news broadcasts in the state of Michigan.

Lauren Stanton joined WZZM 13 (Grand Rapids) in the Spring of 2000 and is now in her 13th season on the show. She is a native of Michigan; she grew up in Byron, Mich., a small town between Lansing and Flint. She currently lives in Grand Rapids, Mich., with her two sons Nick and Cass.

Stanton had not planned to go into broadcasting but with one suggestion from a high school teacher everything changed. She started shadowing news anchors and going to camps for media.

Stanton graduated from Central Michigan University in 1997, with a B.A.A. in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts and also Interpersonal and Public Communications, because she said if she didn’t go into broadcasting, she would have liked to go into PR.

Stanton says her favorite part of the job is the fact it is a social job.

“I am a social person and this is a job where not only do we talk all day long because you are communicating with each other all the time about the hot topics of the day and there is just a constant conversation going on and it is also true when I am out in the community.”

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