Another Today Show Anchor Fued?


Mover over Matt and Ann....

Word is there is a big feud going on between Today Show anchors Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford?

The National Enquirer say feud that exploded when Gifford took off for LA the week Kotb’s new book debuted – instead of sticking around to promote it on-air the way Hoda did for her sidekick’s quickly-canceled Broadway musical turkey “Scandalous.”

Incredibly, on Kathie Lee’s first day back on “Today,” she still made NO mention of Hoda’s book – and when somebody cued a song from her Broadway flop she started singing it.

Incredulous, Hoda snapped at the “Today” crew: “Why would you play that song?” Purred Kathie Lee: “That’s a ‘Scandalous’ song.”

Rejoined Hoda: “That’s salt in the wound!”

HERE’S MY KICKER, KIDS: Next day on “Today," Kathie Lee STILL failed to mention Hoda’s book.

Then, bantering on the topic of “friends,” Hoda said: “Sometimes you need cheerleaders, someone who…cheers you on…who doesn’t look at the cracks all the time.” Piped Kathie Lee: “A real friend will do both.” The “Today” crew burst into derisive laughter as klueless Kathie Lee whined: “What’s so funny about that?”