Is Ann Curry going to go to Al Jazeera?

It appears that Ann Curry wants to work anywhere except for NBC News.


Since Curry was bounced from the Today Show, rumors have run rampant as to where she will go next. NBC continues to insist that Curry isn't going anywhere and is locked under contract.

But, as long as Curry stays at NBC, the rumors and whispers about her will not stop. Network insiders feel that Curry leaving NBC will be best for everyone.

The rumor-mill was burning up weeks ago that Jeff Zucker wanted Curry to come to CNN. Lately those "Curry to CNN" rumors have calmed down a bit.  

Now Word is that Curry is so desperate to get out of 30 Rock, she's mulling over going to Al Jazeera.


“Ann has had informal talks about working for the new Al Jazeera operation in America which is expected to formally launch later this year,” a source told “She’s extremely interested in what the network will be doing in the U.S. and has always held their reporting in high regard."

Word is that Curry would be working on the new "Current TV" version of Al Jazeera. 

AL Gore sold his Current TV network to Al Jazeera in January for $500 million.

Stay tuned