Yes it's 2AM and Yes FTVLive is Posting

One big change for past members of FTVLive is the way the new Free Version of FTVLive works.


Back when we were a pay site, we mainly updated in the morning and that was it for the rest of the day (unless some big story broke).

Yesterday was a prime example, FTVLive posted over 20 stories throughout the day. Go ahead and compare that to the other TV websites (and remember FTVLive is the only one that is run by a single person).

FTVLive is updated all day and yes sometimes all night long. So it's best to keep checking back with FTVLive throughout the day as we keep the site fresh. You can also follow us on Twitter to see when some of the bigger stories are posted on FTVLive. 

This right here is being posted to the site at 2AM east Coast Time. Coming up at 3:30 I'll have a story that proves one TV Billionaire has gone completely loco.

In the 5AM Hour we'll give you tips on dealing with a Bad News Director. So, if you can't sleep cuz your boss sucks.... check out that story in about 3 hours from now.

So, remember keep checking back with as we try and stay on top of the news in TV news. Also, if you have any good tips for us. Send them our way.