RIP: WFOR's Dave Game is Dead at Just 57

Sad news out of WFOR in Miami.


Dave Game who oversaw the station's "new media'' operations, died at his home Tuesday morning.

His wife of 37 years says he succumbed to "complications of a heart condition.''

Born Sept. 30, 1955, in Elmira, N.Y., Game was 57.

"He was very passionate about what he did,'' said his wife, a Carnival Cruise Lines events planner. "He loved everything about the news. 

An early computer enthusiast who still had his first-generation Mac -- in addition to all the current gadgets -- Game moved from broadcast to web development in 1995. Writes the Miami Herald

His station bio says he helped create "one of the first broadcast websites in South Florida, and managed it as part of his duties as senior producer of special projects.''

Game had nearly 40 years of experience in television, radio, and "new media.''