Charlotte News Director Punched Out of a Job

WCCB News Director Ken White is out of a job.

"This was a bit of a punch, but they've been good to me over the years and it's been a fun place to work," White said to the Charlotte Observer. 

White is being replaced by the Deuce, Angela Robbins.

White had been at the station for 13 years before being shown the door.

The Observer writes that he is on temporary assignment at WBBJ-TV in Jackson, Tenn., which like Fox Charlotte is owned by Charlotte-based Bahakel Communications. He is expected to continue in Jackson, which is looking for a news director and has some technology installations coming, for at least two months.

Robbins has been assistant news director at Fox Charlotte since 2004. Robbins, a Charlotte native and UNC Chapel Hill graduate, formerly worked at WBTV (Channel 3). Earlier in her career, Robbins produced the evening newscast for the CBS owned and operated station in Philadelphia.