A Newscast for People ADHD


FTVLive told you a while back that WMAQ in Chicago was launching a web only newscast.

Now they have and if you got a couple of minutes you can watch the entire newscast.

The newscast is over faster than a Dan Marino date with a CBS Intern.

The Newscast called the Daily 5 last just about 2 minutes. You can check it out at NBCChicago.com.

As NetNewsCheck writes "Covering five stories in the space of two minutes may seem like a tall order, but as Daily 5 host and digital content producer Marcus Riley puts it, "We'd like the segments to be even shorter. Specifically at noon people want something quick and fast, so we try to give them information in a rapid fire way."

Between 15,000 and 20,000 subscribers get Daily 5 alerts in the inboxes, said Andrew Greiner, NBC Chicago's editorial director of digital.

"The Web is always looking for more and more video content, and for the past few years we've been doing a really good job of taking the video that goes out on NBC 5 and retailoring it for the Web," Greiner said. So a video broadcast "made for Web, delivered to the Web" is the next logical step.

"The endgame for the next two to three years is the same as any TV show that is launched," Greiner said. "We want to build as much of an audience as possible, and it's also a great way to throw traffic to other parts of the website. But we'd like for the Daily 5 to become a must-watch destination in and of itself."

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