What the Hell was Dallas Station Thinking?

There is no shortage of stories about dumb people posting stupid stuff on Facebook.


But, if you were handing out awards for the dumbest post last week, KXAS in Dallas would have won this one in a walk.

On the station's Facebook page was a shockingly tasteless post making light of a soldier's death.

"BOOops," was how the post started out about a Fort Hood soldier who shot and killed a fellow soldier after pointing his weapon at his face in an effort to "scare away" his hiccups.

It didn't just end there. After the story the station wrote "SHARE your best solution for getting rid of hiccups below!"

KXAS did up  taking down an outrageous post that made light of the fatal shooting, but not before a number of people read it. "It's not funny to make a joke about someone's death," wrote one user. "Especially a young soldier who died because of a stupid, stupid prank."

After pulling the post the station then wrote "We have removed the previous post to our Facebook page that many of you felt was insensitive,' the station wrote. 'We apologize for the error in judgment."

Ya think?