Katie Couric: From the Knee Down I got it Going On


Katie Couric takes about aging gracefully with Woman's Day Magazine. The pic on the left is from 1984. The one on the right is present day.

Couric writes I've been told I have nice gams. I'm a little embarrassed to type that sentence, but from the knee down, I've got it going on. (It's genetic—all the women in my family have good calves!) I also have a baby face, which has been a blessing and a curse throughout my career. When I first started out in TV, nobody wanted me on the air, because I looked like a teenager dressed up in her mom's business suit.

Thirty years later, I'm grateful for my baby face. These days, it serves me well. Both friends and strangers will comment that I look good for my age, and ask, "What's your secret?" It isn't particularly shocking or glamorous: I work out at spinning classes, but I don't go every day. I watch what I eat, but a cupcake occasionally slips under the radar. At work, I have a fantastic makeup artist and stage lighting that could safely land a 747 in fog. While I'd like those lights to follow me around outside the office, they don't—and when I'm at home in my bathroom, I see in the mirror every line and wrinkle that the television audience doesn't.

As much as I want to embrace getting older, and as much as those compliments are an ego boost, aging scares me a little. Now, every morning when I get out of bed, my knees sound like branches cracking in the wind. The scariest sight I've seen lately was my own reflection, staring back at me from my iPad. (It's a gift from heaven that our eyesight goes when we age, because when I look in the mirror without my reading glasses, I actually look pretty good!)

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