San Francisco Anchor Quit Because of Stalkers


TV Anchors being stalked seems to be much more in the news the past few months. Now comes word that is why one Left Coast Anchor left the business.

Anna Chavez was a very popular and engaging news anchor who spent 21 years in the business, (mostly in SF at KGO-TV and KPIX). 

Suddenly, out of the blue, she announced she was quitting and said she wanted to pursue another career. Her co-workers were stunned. How could such a talented newswoman leave an industry she excelled in and was widely admired and respected.

Rich Lieberman reports that one of the main reasons why Chavez left TV was because she was being pursued by stalkers--several, in fact, and one individual who was considered, "very dangerous", according to sources who worked with Chavez. The stalking episode lasted several months and years, according to the sources who spoke on condition of anonymity.

"It was unnerving and scary enough to her to a point where she wanted out," said one source who added that Chavez was concerned about her family and its welfare. 

Most stalker victims are understandably unwilling to go public. However, one victim told me, "It's well known in the industry, (TV news), that many women and some men have had very scary stalkers." The source said it's not uncommon for police to become involved, including providing private protection by off-duty officers.

Attempts to contact and reach out to Chavez were unsuccessful.

It is generally assumed she now leads a quiet and private life.