Houston Sports Anchor out the Door


Co-Workers of KRIV (Houston) Weekend Sports Anchor Keith Calkins were stunned to find out he was leaving the station after 20 years.

Culkins posted the news on his Facebook page:

Changes up coming here at FOX 26 Houston.

Suffice it to say ... I feel blessed and fortunate for the opportunities and support for the last two decades at KRIV-TV. To be up close and personal for many of the greatest sporting events in the city’s history is an experience no words can accurately frame. Houston’s first world championships and first World Series. The return of the NFL. Hosting the Super Bowl and All-Star events. Seeing so many of Houston’s high school athletes develop and rise to All-Star and even Hall of Fame status. And just as meaningful for me was the chance to tell the stories of those aspiring champions who made their schools and communities proud.

But the best team over the years was always the one inside our department. The hardest working staff in the city. Not even close. The results setting the standard in the market every single day. Those are the relationships that are the real reward and will remain constant and meaningful. I want to thank the viewers for 20 years of great support. And now it’s on to the next great challenge.

No word on what's next for the Sports Anchor. This is the same station whose News Director Tom Doerr is leaving.

Doerr is headed to WFLD, the Fox O&O in Chicago.

H/T Mike McGruf