Comcast to Stop Taking Gun Ads


It's looks like yours and my cable bill are high enough that Comcast can now have a conscience.

The Cable Giant and owner of NBC is making enough cash that they say they will stop taking gun ads.

A report says that Comcast Corp. will no longer accept advertisements for guns or retail establishments selling guns, according to a new policy at the nation’s largest cable operator.

But wait, Walmart sells guns, will we not see any ads for Walmart on Comcast?

Well it looks like there are some loopholes. Such as NBC policy of no gun ads. 

NBCUniversal has had a policy in place that they don't accept ads weapons but for some exceptions.

For example, the NBC Sports Network will allow ads for hunting weapons, but it will not accept spots for guns such as assault rifles and hand guns. 

Oh! Ads for beer are still accepted. 

They'll have to jack our cable bill waaaaaay up before that stops.