Going Up Against Dad

WKMG in Orlando has hired a new Reporter that starts at the station on Monday.


His Dad is an Anchor at the station across the street.

WKMG hired Justin Warmoth, the son of WFTV anchor Greg Warmoth. 

“I have great respect for Greg Warmoth,” WKMG General Manager Skip Valet said to the Orlando Sentinel. “Clearly Justin has grown up with a solid broadcaster as a role model. Justin’s intelligence, energy and ability earned him this opportunity.”

Greg Warmoth said he has trained and coached Justin, 22, about the TV business. “I’ve worked at WFTV 27 years,” Greg said. “He’s grown up in the business. He was a sports intern at WFTV.”

Justin is starting at WKMG at the same age Greg began at WFTV. “I’ve told him, ‘You’re so much better than I was’ in terms of his voice, look and confidence,” Greg said. “He played in four straight college world series. He doesn’t get nervous.”

But what about competing against his son? “I’m OK with it,” Greg said. ”Are we a house divided? No, our family is super proud of him.”

Greg noted that WFTV doesn’t have any openings for anyone of his son’s experience and that WKMG has given Justin a great opportunity. 

In other words, WFTV doesn't hire reporters fresh out of college.