Could Senior VP of News be Out at Tribune


With Larry Wert (pictured) coming to Tribune as the President of Local Broadcasting, many expect Wert to build his own team.

Rumors are heating around the Tribune Tower that the Senior Vice President of News could be sent packing.

 Tribune SVP of News Steve Charlier, is one of those left over from the Sam Zell days at Tribune and there are many inside Tribune that think Wert will replace him to bring in his own person.  

Charlier has been a Tribune since 2008 and when he was brought into company in 2008 he said ā€œIā€™m really not interested in doing traditional TV news.ā€ Wert is thought to be bringing Tribune station back to more of a traditional TV news format.

Sounds like Charlier might not be the guy for that.

Stay tuned....