Cancer Gave Hoda Kotb Guts to Get the Job at NBC

We hear time and time about all the awful things cancer does to people's lives and families.

FTVLive has lost family members to cancer and we can flat out say that Cancer Sucks!


But, in the case of one Today Show Anchor, it was a cancer battle that gave her the guts to ask for her dream job.

The UK's Daily Mail writes that Hoda Kotb gives cancer the credit for landing her as an anchor on Today.

The paper writes that the 48-year-old explained during an upcoming episode of Anderson Live that after successfully battling breast cancer in 2007 she felt fearless.

And when an opening on NBC's Today show came up she did something 'I have never done in my life' and marched into the CEO's office to ask if she could fill the spot.

With a newfound sense of confidence Ms Kotb - who was working on another NBC show at the time - got in the elevator and went up the 52nd floor where the company's then president was.

She explained: 'I go up to his [Jeff Zucker's] office and my pulse was so calm because it felt so small to ask for that.  

'So I go in and I'm like, ''Jeff, you can't scare me....blah blah blah.'' And he's like, ''You're crazy.''

'But after that and with the help of some producers I got the job with Kathie Lee and I promise you if I hadn't have gotten sick, I don't think I would have had the guts to ask or the confidence. 

'So they say, stronger in the broken places, I believe it. '

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