New York Anchor: I Did Not Choke My Wife

Cops arrested WCBS Anchor Rob Morrison for chocking his wife, CBS Money Watch Anchor Ashley Morrison.


Ashley's Mom called cops saying their was a domestic disturbance at the couple's home. When police arrived they said that Ashley had red marks on her neck from what they say was Rob's hands.

Morrison appeared in court this morning and denied that he chocked his wife.

"I did not choke my wife. I have never laid my hands on my wife," told reporters outside Stamford [Conn.] Superior Court before his arraignment. "I was just as surprised by that particular charge as probably was everyone else whose heard about this story."

"I regret deeply how I acted toward the Darien Police department Saturday night," Morrison said. "I did not show them the respect they deserved. They were there to do a job, they're a fine department, they do a good job protecting the town in which I live and I sincerely apologize to them."

Morison would not answer any question about the marks on his wife's neck, nor how his got the injuries to his face.

"I love my wife more than anything. The past ten years she has been the most important person in my life. She's helped me through some really difficult times goes without saying more than anything in this world," Morrison said.

Morison remains off the air at WCBS.

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