Zucker Hires Former NBC Mouthpiece


When Allison Gollust worked as the PR flack at NBC, she never returned an FTVLive call. Oh...we talked to her and she would promise to call us back, but she never did.

Gollust was also heard by some inside 30 Rock wondering how FTVLive got so many scoops involving NBC?  We were the proverbial thorn in her side. 

When Comcast took over NBC, Gollust was out the door. She then served as communications director for Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York.

Now, Gollust is back in the TV game.

She has been hired by her old boss at NBC Jeff Zucker to now work as the mouthpiece for CNN.

“In the 15 years that Allison and I have worked together, I’ve depended on her judgment, counsel and relationships. Allison is joining CNN at an exciting time, and she and the strong communications team she’s inheriting will play a critical role in shaping the organization and its story going forward. It’s great to have her at CNN," said Zucker in a statement Friday.

We'll call Allison when we need some comments from CNN, but we won't hold our breath on a call back.

Stay tuned....