Our Take: Don't Apologize for F-Bombs on Breaking News


The burned remains found in a California mountain cabin have been positively identified as fugitive former police officer Christopher Dorner bringing to end one of the biggest stories in recent memory for LA stations.

Dorner died after a stand off with police in a cabin near Big Bear, California.

The shootout raised the ratings of LA stations by more than double.

KCBS Reporter Carter Evans can out as the stand off as the TV News Star, when he was caught in the middle of the gunfire between Dorner and the cops.

During the shootout, Evans was on the phone back to the station. You could hear the shots ringing out and you also heard a number of cops drop the F-Bomb live on the air. KCBS quickly apologized to viewers for the F-Bombs.

Which, makes FTVLive question one thing. Does it really make sense for the anchor to say "sorry" in the middle of a breaking news story? Don't you think that any viewer watching this understands the situation?

In reality your saying "Sorry you heard a bad word during our footage of a firefight that ended with a guy being burned alive." Kind of sounds stupid now...doesn't it?

It's breaking news, the viewer understands that you might see something that is "shocking" or hear someone yell "fuck".

It's the reason the ratings more than doubled. There is no reason to apologize for that.

That's our take on that. Just saying....