Sponsor Love - Adams Broadcast Consulting


Another week is in the book for FTVLive version Free and we are happy to report that traffic is up more than triple from week one (which was a very good week).

Of course, FTVLive would not be coming to you at no charge if it wasn't for our great sponsors that stepped up.

We reached out to the best companies out there with the idea of knocking down the pay wall on FTVLive.com. They supported the idea and supported us. If you ever need a company you can trust, look at those that have banners on this site. We trust their companies 100% (if we didn't, they wouldn't be a sponsor on FTVLive).

One of those great companies is Adams Broadcast Consulting.

The person behind that company is Dana Adams. Dana brings 20 years of broadcasting experience to the job of consulting.

Adams' skill as a consultant comes from years of broadcasting experience in New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC. She has worked as an NBC network correspondent, an evening news anchor in New York and Los Angeles and as a talent coach for stations across the country.

From Adams’ first on-air job in Palm Springs, California, she quickly moved to Los Angeles where she was a reporter and anchor. From there, Adams went to New York where she worked on the NBC network magazine show “Now, with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric.” She later covered the OJ Simpson trial for all NBC-owned stations. Adams has also worked in syndication as a correspondent on "EXTRA" and most recently has anchored the evening news in New York on WCBS-TV.