Survey Company Releases Data on Boston Stations

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The company SurveyUSA has done an in depth survey of the TV stations in Boston and posted it on their website.

And they have put it up for sale for $599.

It's interesting angle. Instead of waiting for a station to hire you, do the research and then try and sell it to every station in the market.

The survey includes 1700 PDF pages and a large number of recorded calls with Boston area viewers.

The site has some sample soundbites talking about each station and they are not pretty:

Listen as viewers tell us about Channel 5:  “The people are older than the the Pyramids” … “out of shape” … “just a mess.

Listen as viewers tell us about Channel 25: “Blood, guts and murders.

Listen as viewers tell us about Channel 7: How many “Body Parts Found on Railroad Tracks” stories can you stomach?

$600 bucks sounds like a lot to you and me, but to a station that's nothing and it's a good bet that most of the stations will pony up the bucks to see what info they can gleam from the report.

If it works, you could see other surveys where they ask question first and ask you to pay later.

Link to the SurveyUSA page on the Boston Market