Is This a Jeff Zucker Test?

Anyone that is a longtime reader of FTVLive, knows I am a huge Robin Meade fan.


Robin and I worked together at WSVN in Miami and I can say without a doubt she is one of the nicest people that I have ever worked with. It's a shame she's not better looking, but she is very nice (I'm kidding...she's gorgeous).

Anyway, years ago I ran into the President (at the time) of CNN News and we got to talking. I told him "why the hell don't you steal Robin Meade from Headline News (it was still called that back then) and bring her over to CNN?" 

The President (at the time) agreed with me, but yet nothing ever happened. Maybe he should have listed to my advice and he would still be President.

Which brings us to 9PM Tonight on CNN. Piers Morgan will not be there and filling in for him is? You Guessed It! Robin Meade!

One can only wonder if this isn't Jeff Zucker's way of giving Meade a tryout without calling it a "tryout."

Is Zucker smart enough to take advantage of not only a great anchor but a great person?

Time will tell.

But, you can tune into Robin at 9PM Tonight on CNN. I can promise no matter what happens she will be much more fun to look at than Piers Morgan.