Syracuse Stations Making $$$ Off the Dead

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Just when you think Granite Broadcasting can't get any shallower, they drain just a little bit more water out of the pool.

Granite's Syracuse stations, WSTM and WTVH have stooped to a new low of making money off the dead.

The stations are offering "online obituaries" on the stations website.  

Want to add a picture of your loved one in their very own online obit?

Sure, no problem just pony up $10 bucks. The website says you can "Build a lasting, multimedia memorial for a loved one."

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And if that isn't morbid enough for you. How about text alerts for all the stiffs that come into local Funeral Homes? The site says "Receive all obituaries posted by your neighborhood funeral home and stay on top of obituary news in your community."

We know that when it comes to cheap, Granite is in a league all by themselves, but this is a new low for even them.

It seems the service that is hosting this is looking to get more stations on board with the online obits. Will you soon see this on other stations websites. Let's hope that isn't the case.

Here's a link to the Granite Syracuse stations site