New Sacramento Anchor Has People Talking

Radio DJ's and Internet Message boards have been heating up with the arrival of a new Anchor from Fresno.


FTVLive told you that Audrey Asistio was leaving KSEE in Fresno for an Anchor gig at KOVR in Sacramento.

It seems the the former 49ers Cheerleader who turns 29 on Friday, has created a stir since arriving in Sacramento, leaving trails of fawning comments wherever her headshot appeared online.

The Northern California native has returned home and she was excited to hit the air in Sacramento. 

"It's been so nerve racking," said Asistio following the noon broadcast. "I want to make everyone happy. I'm wondering how viewers will react. I hope my co-workers are happy with me. I hope my boss is happy with me. At this point, all I can do is be myself."

The Sacramento Bee writes we all know the TV anchor stereotype: Heavy on the makeup, making big bucks to read from a teleprompter. However, fans of the movie "Anchorman" will likely come to see Asistio as more Veronica Corningstone than Ron Burgundy. Asistio's background lies in breaking news, and she's paid her dues reporting on murders, wildfires and other general mayhem.

A recent day for her began when the typical college student goes to bed. Asistio - pronounced "Assist-Ee-oh" - rose for work at 1:30 a.m., left her North Natomas condominium around 3 a.m., and within 30 minutes the work began at KOVR for the 5 a.m. news. She fact-checks her scripts, researches the day's news, gets her "A" game ready.

"It's not, 'Oh, I'm the anchor and I'm just reading the news,' " Asistio said. "Sometimes there's nothing to read when there's breaking news. They might just give you a piece of paper with some information on it and you're reporting. It takes a lot to be an anchor."

Such are the demands for those who call morning TV news their profession. If Asistio's hurting for sleep, she hides it well. Her almond-shaped eyes are bright and she cuts a slender figure walking through the KOVR newsroom in a fitted red skirt and heels.

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