Going....and Going.... and Going


FTVLive posted a new story at 2:45AM this morning. We threw up another one around 4:30AM.

This past Weekend FTVLive was updating the site. We added a number of new stories yesterday after 9AM. The site is updated during the day. If you are still just logging on in the morning (like the old days) then you're missing a lot. 

When FTVLive went free we changed the way the site looks, feels and is updated. As stories come into us, we post them. It could be at anytime, including the middle of the night.

Make sure to check back with FTVLive throughout the day. Our goal is to bring you fresh news about TV news all day (and all night if we have to) to you.

Again, I thank all of you that have emailed us with the kind comments about the new and free FTVLive. Thanks!