Pope Quitting News Adds to Busy Feb. Sweeps


No one can complain about a lack of news for the February Book.

A Super Bowl Blackout, Huge Snowstorm a Rogue former LA Cop on a killing spree and now the Pope says he's calling it quits.

Pope Benedict XVI announced just moments ago that he was resigning from his Pope gig. A pope resigning is very rare, the last to do so was Pope Gregory back in 1415 (I think Barbara Walters did an interview with Pope Gregory the day he stepped down).

No matter how you look it, this has been one rating book that hasn't lacked for news. It's always nice when stations have real new to cover, instead of having to make up news will silly sweeps stories to try and hook viewers.

And the Book is just now reaching the half way point.

Of course the biggest story of this ratings book so far has to be the news that FTVLive has gone from being a pay site to a free website to all. Then again we are a bit biased as to our love of that story.