NFL Star Making Moves on Miami Weather Anchor

WTVJ Weather Hottie Jennifer Reeves filed for divorce late last month and it didn't take long for an NFL Star to try and move in on the Weather Anchor.

Chad Johnson, who was called Chad Ochocinco was moving faster than he ever did on the football field in his quest to land the Miami weather babe.

Gossip Extra writes that Reeves, 31, filed for divorce in a Broward County court Jan. 23, less than two years after she was married in her native Louisiana.


And already, ex-Miami Dolphins receiver Johnson is asking her out, according to TV biz insiders.

Reeves and her husband separated in August, and she filed a simplified form for folks with no children together and no property.

Within days, however, the Twitter account of fellow WTVJ hottie Christina Hernandez, a friend of the wide receiver was inundated with Johnson’s questions about Reeves’ availability!

Johnson himself went through his high publicized divorce from reality TV star Evelyn Lozada.

It’s unclear whether Reeves took the bait yet, but we’ll stay on the story.

Reeves’ husband, meanwhile, is heart-broken.

“Unfortunately, she did file,” said her soon-to-be-ex, 39-year-old Brad Reeves. “We had a great marriage, so this was not my choice. Sometimes, things don’t work out between two people.”

Brad says he and Jennifer had different ideas of what their marriage should be. He’s about children and family, she’s about her career.

Brad owns a boat rental business based near the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood. He came down with skin cancer right after the weekend meteorologist left him.

“I’ve have three surgeries since,” he said. “I still love her to death. She means the world to me.”

When told about Johnson’s interest in his wife, Brad Reeves just said: “Good lord!”

Jennifer didn’t return calls and emails for comment.