Man in High Speed Chase with Cops Calls TV station

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If you ever find yourself in a high speed chase with Police and you just don't know what to do.... you might want to call the local news station.

That is exactly what some "rocket scientist" did after he got involved in a police chase in Arizona.

Joshua Bloom’s adventure began just after 4 p.m. on Friday when he refused to pull over while driving northbound on a Phoenix Highway.

Bloom hits speeds near 100MPH as he raced up the SR 85 and onto the eastbound Interstate 10.

Officers were able to deflate all of Bloom’s tires with spike strips, and eventually Bloom was reduced to trying to avoid arrest while driving on rims.

A Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office deputy was able to end the chase on the I-10 near Jackrabbit with a well executed PIT maneuver, but not before Bloom made a call to KTVK (Phoenix) newsroom.

Reporter Mike Watkiss spoke to Bloom, and encouraged him to stop running.

“Trying to keep calm I said you need to pull over,” recalled Watkiss. “Whatever’s going on, it’ll only get worse if you keep heading out.”

Bloom did surrender and is now in police custody.