Fox News Paid $8 Million Bucks to Keep Former PR Guy Quiet


Last week, FTVLive told you that former Fox News PR Head Brian Lewis has reached a settlement with FNC that will keep him quiet.

How much did Fox News pay to stop him from pulling back the curtain on FNC?

$8 Million Dollars!!!

That's what a Fox News executive with knowledge of the negotiations told Gawker.

After Lewis was fired, Fox News tried to downplay his role at the network, but anyone that really knew FNC, knew that Lewis could blow the lid off the place.

Everyone expected Fox News was going to pay, but not many thought it would be $8 million bucks.

Gawker writes that it became apparent to Fox News employees that discussions had ended, the executive said, on November 5, a Tuesday. On that day, “they cleaned out [Lewis’s] office after not touching it for three months. 

Needless to say, Brian Lewis doesn't have to work anywhere else for a while....a long while.