It Could Be The Best Christmas in a Longtime for Buffalo Station


Before Granite purchased WKBW in Buffalo, it was one of the stronger number 1 stations in the entire country.
But Granite took the station over, named Bill Ransom as the General Manager and it has gone downhill ever since.

Ransom and Granite cut the station to the bone and it went from first to worst in the ratings. 

Bill Ransom finally retired and that was great news for anyone still left at the station.

Now word is that Granite could be selling out the group and that includes WKBW. 

Scripps-Howard, Sinclair and Nexstar have all been rumored to buying the station. Scripps suits were spotted in the station last week.
No matter who takes over WKBW, you can bet that the staff will be excited to see Granite go bye-bye.

As one staffer at WKBW told FTVLive, if the station is sold in the next couple of weeks it will be a "Christmas Miracle."

Stay tuned...