FTVLive Programing Note


This is just a heads up to tell you about the next 3 days of FTVLive.

Starting this morning, tomorrow and Wednesday, I am playing in the Gate PGA,  my last golf tournament for the year.

The event is about an hour away from my house and a pain of a drive through traffic. That means FTVLive will be updated when I get some free moments and when I can find some decent WiFi.

Being a one man news operation has some advantages, but when I do take time out to do other stuff, the site is not updated as much as I like.

The other problem is I need a new laptop in the worst way. If you're thinking about buying me a Christmas present...and let's be honest, who isn't think that?

You can donate to FTVLive and help us get a new laptop, which will be a huge help when we're on the road.

Here is a link to the Support FTVLive Page