F@#K Yeah Ohio!

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel cited a study on his late-night show Wednesday that backed up the notion that Ohioans curse more than anyone else in the country, pointing to Akron as a perfect example.

“They [researchers] found that most of those curse words are followed by the word LeBron,” he said of the Akron native, likely referencing his painful departure from the Cavaliers.

Kimmel then introduced a fake newscast — that has since gone viral on the Internet — supposedly taped from an Akron television station.

The skit featured a foul-mouthed anchor delivering a newscast with Cleveland’s WOIO Action News banners. The anchor then turned to a reporter for a bleep-laden live report outside of the fictitious Akron James Baker High School, where parents donated their time to plant new grass at the football field.

Here's the video: