NBC News Boss's Memo about 911 Sandy Hook Calls


NBC News President Deborah Turness is leaning towards not airing the 911 calls from the Sandy Hook school shooting on the network.  

This is the memo she sent out to the staff: 

"The families of the victims of the Newtown shootings made it public that they did not want the 911 tapes to be released. Unless there is any compelling editorial reason to play the tapes, I would like to respect their wishes. We must listen to the tapes when they are released and make our final decision. But for the avoidance of doubt, no NBC News network outlet online or on TV should use the tapes until that decision has been taken. Using the tapes could cause distress and we must therefore proceed with great sensitivity and respect, particularly as the first anniversary of the shootings approaches."

We can understand where Turness is coming from, but we have to ask, if news stations and networks let families or victims dictate news coverage, where do you draw the line?

If Trayvon Martin's parents said they didn't want George Zimmerman's 911 call aired on the newscast, would NBC have complied?

Is the Martin's loss not as important as the families of the Sandy Hook victims? 

TVLive totally gets that this is a very emotional story and that many families are impacted by this. But, should you start taking this same approach with every family that has a son or daughter killed?

Is this a slope you want to start going down? Because you better watch your step, it's very slippery.