Martin Bashir Sacked at MSNBC


MSNBC the cable news network that doesn't like to cover news has parted ways with  host Martin Bashir.

MSNBC likes their actors/hosts to be edgy and controversial, but when you say someone should take a shit in Sarah Palin's mouth, that's when you crossed the line. 

Bashir has been off MSNBC's air since the third week of November and just about everyone knew he wasn't coming back.

Bashir follows in the footsteps of Alec Baldwin, who was also fired for throwing gay slurs around the streets of New York City.

Bashir came to MSNBC 3 years ago after working for 6 years at ABC. 

MSNBC is looking for a new actor/politician to replace him. You just know that wouldn't even think of hiring a Journalist.

Stay tuned....