Has MSNBC Stopped Leaning Forward?


It appears that MSNBC is not going to stop leaning left anytime soon. But, it does appear that they have stopped leaning forward.

The cable news network that doesn't like to cover news has launched an upbeat ad campaign to promote a major undertaking: the first website the network can call its very own. The 30-seconds-or-less TV spots feature voiceovers from top talent, jubilant soundtracks, and stock footage of President Obama.

Buzzfeed notes that noticeably absent from the ads, however, is any mention of the network’s defining four-year-old “Lean Forward” tagline.

Not one of the five new ads promoting the website contains the phrase “Lean Forward.”

In 2010, MSNBC launched the ambitious branding campaign by plastering “Lean Forward” ads all over magazines, commissioning heavily branded commercials from director Spike Lee.

Now let's see if MSNBC can get their ratings leaning in the right direction in 2014.