LA Anchor Out

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Another LA Anchor is out the door and this time it's not at KNBC.

Carlos Amezcua, anchor of KTTV's 10 p.m. news, has left the newscast says he plans to focus on his own production company. He has been with the station since 2007 coming over from KTLA, were he spent 16 years. 

Amezcua's last broadcast was Friday.

"After more than five years on KTTV's Fox 11 10 p.m. news, Carlos Amezcua has decided to step down from the news desk to expand his own media and technology company, 'Carlos Media Corp.' here in Los Angeles," said KTTV GM Kevin Hale in a statement. 

"Having won over 10 Emmys throughout his career, Amezcua has made many contributions to this community, as well as our newsroom," the statement continued. "We wish him continued success in building his own media and technology firm."

HUH?! Your main anchor leaves on Friday and then  you announce it 3 days later? No on air goodbye, no big send off during the November book? 

Sorry, but we're not buying this story that KTTV is trying to spin. 

We're not sure what happened here, but we would bet $5 that there is much more to this story than Amezcu suddenly decided that on Friday he was leaving the station to start a production company. 

Sorry, but this story isn't passing the smell test as far as we're concerned. 

H/T LA Times