CNN Shows When Breaking News....Isn't Breaking

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CNN continues to be working in desperation mode as they try and bring back viewers to the cable news network.

Since Jeff Zucker has taken over CNN has seemed to change policy to worry more about being first, than correct.

The biggest blunder still is the Boston Marathon bombings, when CNN's John King boastfully reported an arrest when that was not the case. By the way, King was not fired for the mistake heard around the world. In fact, he is being given a new show that is coming to CNN weekends. 

Yesterday, for almost 3 hours, CNN reported that actor Paul Walker death was tied to drag racing. The word alleged was not used and CNN tied the tip to police. CNN continued to go with the drag racing story even after TMZ posted surveillance video of the crash and showed no other car involved. 

Later, the cable net then reported "police rule out second vehicle."

Police look at many angles during an investigation and they receive all kinds of tips. A police investigation will take many turns and reporting "things you heard police working on" is not Journalism, it's careless. 

And then last night on Anderson Cooper's show AC 360 at 8PM, they reported the "breaking news" about the NY metro train's speed. The train was going 82MPH in an area where the speed limit was 30.

Problem is, we saw this story on evening newscasts over 3 hours earlier. It was some very stale breaking news to say the least. 

If CNN wants to win back viewers, they need to start getting the facts right and stop hyping stories as breaking news hours after it broke. 

Just saying....