Longtime News Director Dick Tuininga is Dead


Former longtime News Director Dick Tuininga was found dead in his home in Las Vegas, apparently of a heart attack. In May, he breezed through quadruple bypass surgery. The exact date and cause of death have yet to be determined, pending all the customary tests.

Dick was a blue collar news director with a heart of gold. Like many in the business, his existence was a nomadic one. Dick ran newsrooms in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and worked in many other markets - occasionally more than once. All Dick needed was a newsroom and he was in his glory. He often referred to television news as his "mistress," blaming it for a few failed marriages. Until the day he died, Dick would set his alarm for 3AM Las Vegas time so he could watch and critique all the national news programs.

Tuininga had been retired for approximately 4 years but couldn't come to terms with it. He had hopes for "one more season." 

He was 70 years old.

H/T Joe Rovitto