The Slammy Award for the Biggest Ego in TV


Time to hand out another FTVLive Slammy award and this one was a tight race.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 8.44.10 AM.png

The award for the "The Biggest Ego in TV".

In this business this picking a winner is a very hard chore. You have soooo many people that are deserving of the prize. But, the Slammy can only go to one person.

When it comes to huge egos, Keith Olbermann is always near the top of the list. But Olby didn't get the Slammy. Bill O'Reilly is deserving of the award but did not win. Neither did Piers Morgan or Jeff Zucker.

The Slammy goes to a person that is no longer working in TV News. This person was fired and his ego was what led to him getting the axe.

The FTVLive Slammy for the biggest ego in TV goes to none other that fired KMOV Anchor Larry Connors.

The guy's ego is bigger than the St. Louis Arch and he showed that in his Facebook posts saying that the IRS was targeting him after an interview he did with President Obama.

The thing was the IRS was trying to get the money that Connors owed them long before his Facebook post and really he was just full of crap.

The guy is suing KMOV for firing him and making hints that a number of people want to hire him, but can't because he has a non-compete.

As for KMOV, they had of their best rating books ever after they got Connors off the air and out of the newsroom.

You would have thought that would have hurt Connors' giant ego. It did not.

Now, Larry Connors can grow his ego even bigger, because he now owns an FTVLive Slammy award.