Is This Guy For Real?!


How would you like to be entering a class to learn about Journalism, your teacher in the class has anchored exactly one newscast and was fired?

AJ Clemente (yes this guy) says he will be teaching a broadcasting course at a private school in Manhattan.

Yep the Anchor whose first words on air were "fucking shit" and could not ad lib one sentence when asked to talk about himself, is going to be teaching kids about broadcasting.

If this doesn't tell you how fucked up the education system is....nothing will.


But, it gets sooooooo much better!!!

Clemente talked to Tuned In and says that he’ll continue to chase his dream wherever that takes him. Even though his on-air experience is extremely limited, Clemente thinks he’s ready for New York.


This guy is about as ready for New York as Jacksonville Jaguars are for the Super Bowl. Him saying that is an insult to every person that has a TV job in New York.

“These are the cards I’ve been dealt,” Clemente admits. “If taking a job in New York is what I may have to do, then I’m going to.” 

So in other words.... he's better than New York, but if he has to....he will work there. Are you F'ing kidding me?!

He’s planning to send tapes to smaller markets throughout the country, but notes, “My agent wants me in New York.”

OH MY GOD! Seriously?! Somebody needs to bring this guy back down to earth.

Forget earlier that we said that Larry Connors has the biggest ego in TV.

Clemente wins this award hands down. 

Any station that hires him will prove that they have no clue as to what the hell they are doing and will deserve what they get. 

It takes a lot for this to happen....but I am at a loss for words.