Report: Lauer wants Curry the Hell out of NBC

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Sources tell FTVLive that it is a very good bet that ANN Curry will be gone from NBC News when her contract comes up.

And if you believe the National Enquirer, Matt Lauer is doing his best to make sure that happens.

The tabloid writes that Lauer has a bitter message for former co-host Ann Curry: Good riddance!

Sources say a long-running feud between the morning show stars has exploded again as Ann’s NBC contract comes up for renewal, and Matt’s doing his best to see that Ann – an NBC special correspondent – doesn’t sign it.

Lauer considers working with Curry “the worst experience of his professional life,” a source revealed, and that her weepy re­sponse to being ousted from “Today” was somehow “her ploy to try to ruin him.”

Curry, 57, can opt out of her current $12 million-per-year NBC correspondent deal early next year, and sources say Lauer, 56, “is pushing for the network to lowball Ann so badly that she has no choice but to leave,” the source said.

Curry knew Matt was opposed to her being hired as his co-host, and claims it’s Lauer’s attitude that torpedoed her career on “Today,” said a close pal.

“Ann worked on the ‘Today’ news desk for 14 years before she replaced Meredith Vieira as co-host in June 2011,” the source noted.

“In all those years, Matt barely even ac­knowledged Ann when the cameras weren’t on them.

“Ann bent over backward to try and develop a re­lationship with him. She couldn’t even count the number of lunch dates that Matt blew off.

“So if Ann makes Matt uncomfortable by staying at NBC, she feels it’s just payback for the way he treated her.”

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