Philly Sports Anchor to be Charged in Scheme


FTVLive told you months ago that Police were investigating a Philadelphia sportscaster Don Tollefson.

The investigation started after questions surfaced about his charity and Eagles tickets promised to people who made donations. Those people claimed they never got the tickets.

Now it appears that Tollefson is going to be charged.

The Philly Daily News writes that criminal investigators in Bucks County have been sifting through mountains of financial transactions since calls started coming in about Tollefson from irate Eagles fans. The IRS and a grand jury are involved, according to a person who was contacted by an investigator.

"We're into multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars," a law-enforcement source told the Daily News this week. The source said that Tollefson is almost certain to be charged criminally, and that prosecutors are deciding what charges to file.

Bucks County Deputy District Attorney Ryan Hyde declined to confirm whether a grand jury is involved, but he has said investigators have interviewed more than 100 alleged victims.

Stay tuned....