Weatherman was Fired for Nude Pics


The rumors were there and now we find out they were true.

The reason WPTV fired weatherman Rob Lopicola in 2006 was finally made public in his sentencing for his sex crimes against children. 

A prosecutor in the child-sex case against the 44-year-old ex-TV weatherman explained to the court that Lopicola was fired after emailing nude photos of himself to someone he wanted to have sex with!

Somehow, the photo ended up with WPTV managers, who then quietly fired the then-popular Lopicola after 8 years on the job.

The station did  their best to not say why they fired Lopicola, but it came out in court. 

Lopicola was sentenced to 56 months in state prison. It was well short of the 10+ years he could have gotten. 

H/T Gossip Extra