AX Swings at CNN


Sources tell FTVLive that CNN has quietly let go of some more staff as Jeff Zucker continues to shake things up.

As FTVLive FIRST told you, Zucker wants CNN to be almost completely New York based. He has told anchors and top producers in Atlanta to pack their bags for the Big Apple.

Now word comes of more people being kicked to the curb.

CNN sources say just about everyone except Anchor Carl Azuz was pink slipped from CNN's Student News. 

CNN Student is newscast aimed at middle school, high school and college students. It is streamed online. 

Student news wasn't the only one that caught the Zucker pink slip express. Word is that around 30 were let go in talent development and promotions.

Just about everyone in Atlanta is looking over their shoulder with Zucker looking to move operations north.

Stay tuned.... 

Note: Note earlier we said that CNN Student News started in 2012, it has been around longer than that. It was just one part of their streaming that started in 2012.