Jax Sports Anchor Resurfaces Across the Street


6 months ago, longtime Sports Anchor Dan Hicken signed off at WTLV in Jacksonville. 

He has now resurfaced at WTEV. 

“They definitely made me a better offer,” he said Friday about his new employer.

“They have just a tremendous commitment to sports. That’s what I like at Action News: the opportunity to do sports the way I want to do them. The chance to work with some guys who are really committed to doing sports the way I want to do it.”

Hicken worked at WTLV for 27 years, his six-month non-compete clause ended on Sunday and the station ran a number of promos with Hicken on CBS's NFL Football.

Hicken hit the air Sunday night 10:30 p.m. on FOX30 (duop of WTEV) and at 11:20 p.m. on WTEV.

Because the station has been unable to name Hicken on air, due to his non-compete clause, they’ve been referring, instead, to a “Jacksonville’s Sports Man.”

Though he wasn’t allowed to anchor the show, Hicken has been working as a producer, writer and cameraman for the station. 

Also, while he was sitting out his non-compete his ex wife Donna Deegan's husband Tim Deegan was busted for DUI. Tim is the weather anchor at WTLV and has been off the air since his arrest. 

H/T Florida Times Union