You Have a Better Chance to be Murdered

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TV stations went more than overboard on their coverage of the mega millions jackpot as it soared north of $600 million bucks.

Talent all talked about how they bought tickets (and showed them on Twitter) and of course you had the those typical reports where people are asked what they would do with all that money?

It was a feel good story that let everyone escape from reality and dream for a bit about winning the lottery. 

Then there was WPIX's Arthur Chi’en.

Chi’en is the guy that shows up at the party and throws up in the punch bowl. 

Chi’en did the old story about the very high odds of winning the jackpot, but he took it a step further. 

He took the common angle is to show the odds of winning the lottery as compared to other events. The veteran reporter pointed out that you were “50 percent more likely to be struck by lightning.”

But Chi’en took it to another, more inappropriate level, saying you were “8,000 times more likely to be murdered.”

Really? It's a story about winning the mete millions and you have to throw being murdered in there?

So much for the feel good story. 

Thanks Arthur. 

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