Robin Roberts Inks Deal with GMA

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Word is that “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts has quietly closed a long-term contract with ABC.

The deal is said to be worth between $13 million and $14 million a year. Still far behind Matt Lauer's $25 million dollar deal. 

ABC reps declined to discuss the value of the deal — or even if one has been signed. However, a source close to the network Tells Page Six the pact is only in the “high-seven figures,” or just less than $10 million.

“Over a month ago, they quietly inked a new, long-term, very high seven-figure deal with Robin that will keep [her] at the company for years to come . . . it was a friendly negotiation,” said an insider. “Robin’s been [at ABC News] for over 20 years . . . and will be a leader there for a very long time to come.”

The source said that Roberts — who was on leave for six months after a bone marrow transplant — “was extremely grateful for the kindness and love shown by everyone while she was sick.

“She made it clear to her reps that she wanted them to drive a fair deal but didn’t want to create any kind of bidding war,” our source said.

So whether it is $9 million or $14 million, the bottom line is.... Robin Roberts makes a boatload more money than you and I. 

Just saying....