F-Bomb Wichita Anchor Headed to the Springs?


FTVLive was the FIRST to report that KSNW had let go Anchor Justin Kraemer after he threw down the F-Bomb at the end of Saturday night's newscast. 

KSNW has remained silent on the incident and has connected YouTube, asking them to pull the video because it violates copyright laws.

While KSN tries to censor the video, new versions continue to pop up YouTube.

As for Kraemer he may have had one foot out the door already. 

Word is that he had interviewed for an anchor job at KOAA in Colorado Springs and is close to landing the gig. FTVLive reached out to Kraemer and asked if he has the job and is going to KOAA? "Not sure at this point," Kraemer tells FTVLive.

As for his swearing on Saturday Night's newscast? "I'm an idiot," he says.

But he might soon have a new job, which will put him months ahead of AJ Clemente.  

Now that guy is an idiot.