LA Reporter Learns to See Again after Brain Tumor Operation


KTTV's Julie Chang is learning to see again, weeks after her brain tumor was removed. 

KTTV's 'Good Day LA' entertainment presenter was diagnosed in September when she underwent a CT scan following a surfing accident.

Now the show's hosts have assured fans that Chang, nicknamed 'One Eyed Willie' due to her vision troubles, is well on the way to recovery.

'One of the difficulties in her road to recovery has been her eyesight. It's improving everyday but it's definitely not 100%. But, trust me it's not holding her back! She's learned to roll with it,' 'Good Day LA' anchor Maria Sansone wrote on KTTV's website.

Chang suffered a black eye about three months ago when her surfboard struck her in the face. 

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The accident prompted a scan in which doctors spotted the tumor in the young woman's brain. 

'LA, thank you,' she said. 'If it wasn't for my move to Southern California, I would've never taken up surfing, which in a way, may have saved my life.'

Chang, who underwent surgery in late November, shared updates on her condition on Instagram and Twitter, thanking her fans for their support.

'My @gdla family not a day goes by w\o 1 of you checking in on me. THANK U & love you. #roadToRecovery,' she wrote on December 5.

'Day 5 post brain surgery. Pretty weak in strength but high in sprits. Overwhelmed by all ur love (sic),' she posted on Twitter on November 25.

Chang relocated to LA about a year ago after four years at WNYW in New York City, where she was an entertainment reporter. 

Previously, she was a general assignment reporter at WPIX.

Chang is originally from South Korea, but moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, when she was nine-years-old. At the age of 15, her family returned to Korea, but Chang stayed in the United States.

She graduated from the University of Michigan with a B. A. in economics. Chang also attended Oxford University, in Oxford, England, before embarking on a career in journalism.

H/T Daily Mail